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"It's at the moment of almost being defeated
that a new spark of strength is awakened within you,
and then you get up stronger than before."

"Butiran Pasir"

Setiap butiran pasir
berpindah ruangan dengan jalannya detik waktu
Dan setiap butir-butiran itu
membawa ketidakpastian yang menentu

Bukan dengan sengaja
melainkan daya tarik gravitasi
Berpindahnya butiran pasir hanya mengikuti
perubahan alami yang memang patut terjadi

Akan tiba satu hari
semua dari butiran pasir yang mengalir
akan berada di sisi satunya lagi

Dan mungkin pada saat itu
butiran pasir telah memilih...


Perahu Kertas

"Pahit, Kugy kembali menyadari bahwa Keenan hanyalah pangeran negeri dongengnya.
Kisah mereka berdua hidup dalam khayalan indah yang tak mungkin terwujud.
Remi adalah kenyataannya.
Dekat, terjangkau, dan jelas-jelas mencintainya.
Kugy pun tidak yakin bisa memaafkan dirinya sendiri jika ia harus menyakiti Remi.
Ketidakjujurannya kali ini sudah cukup."

2013: A New Start :)

Getting back on the lifestyle I adore.

Investing more time on the people I love.

Experimenting on my curiosity.

Walking back onto the path God has laid out.

Falling in love with Jesus all over again.

A new year. A new start. A new me :)

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] he old has gone, the new is here!"
– 2Cor 5:17


Music of the Train

In the midst of unknown faces
In a machine that runs through the tunnel
With a speed so fast that the scenery is hardly appreciated even if it's there

People who are still longing to be asleep
Them, being clothed differently, but the same masks on
They are all ready for Friday, just not yet

I adjust the volume of my music
To a level that is on par with the train's ever-changing symphony
To a point where I don't know which can be considered as the accompanying cast—my iTunes or the train

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Grieving In the Midst of Joy

It was the first thing I read the moment opened my eyes to a new day.

A weekend.
A day that ends a series of tough working week.

The baby was doing good, but the mummy was suffering excessive bleeding after the operation. Then it was the ICU. Then, to everyone's dismay and disbelief, she passed away.

Grieving in the midst of joy.

A time that calls for the celebration of a new life, yet death follows suit.
Two whole new phases of life that carry contrasting sets of thoughts and actions.

Sadly enough to say, joy has to be put aside the moment it was born, and gives way to grief.
Grief has come and it says to them that they have lost.
Joy comes and tell them a new love is here, but they choose to mourn far longer than needed.
Joy has to wait.
Joy fears to be forgotten.

Then again...

Grief brings a summary to a love long celebrated.
It helps them to let go.
And it helps them to accept and celebrate joy.
Joy is never put aside—it is planted straight into a new love pot in their hearts.

Joy grows.

A Souffle Sunday

Any Sunday spent without much planning always ends up either with a dreadful way home or a spontaneous trip to somewhere unexpected.

JD has been talking about souffle since an hour ago, and now when we are all sitting against the wall in one of Hyatt's ballroom, this urge to look for a souffle arises in me. But none of them seem interested at all.

Souffle—the first bite can either send you straight up to heaven or straight down the other way.



So here we are chatting happily at GdR. I had a chocolate fondant with mik ice cream, JD ordered a Mac & Cheese and the rest had ice cream in cups.

I had quite a high expectation of the fondant, but to my disappointment, the fondant turned out to be very dry despite its still molten center. I suspect that they had the fondant baked, chilled, then microwaved it upon order. Another possibility is they made a batch of the cake mixture and a filling mixture, but a pre-baked fondant fits the bill better.

And I'm getting real sleepy now. How can I not be—I slept at 3 A.M. this morning!


Not just another Sunday morning

I woke up to one of those rare after-rain morning with the feeling that I brought together with me to sleep—hunger.

From the corner of my eyes the clock read 9.35a.m.. Oh no! I'm gonna be late for cell group, I thought. Then I was broadcasting over Whatsapp about how i had fallen asleep with both my iPad and iPhone charging under my pillow, after which I came to realization that it wasn't '9.35' that I saw, but '6.45'!

Usually I would have gone back to sleep again, but at the moment, the hunger was a bit extreme, plus I needed to pee quite badly. So i got up. As I deciding of what to tackle my hunger with, I couldn't helped but notice the extreme silence from the outside world.

And since my instant noodle was still shimmering in the pan, I walked out to the living room and peep outside through the gap of the balcony siding door.

I was mesmerized.

A sudden burst of tranquility swept over me with a gentle swoosh. I slid back the door close, get my spontaneous breakfast all ready and carried a stool right in the centre of the door seam. To be honest, I would rather be sitting out over at Starbucks, with a big mug of soy latte and butter croissant, but I knew that even if I could get to the nearest Starbucks there is, I might miss the moment.

Never I had done this before, nor thought of doing it. In the midst of the sky brightening up in a delayed speed and the crisp morning air, my plate of Indomie and two sunny side-ups tasted almost as good as what would have come out from a restaurant.

I couldn't help but feeling so comforted. By what, I didn't know. Then I started singing and humming to the Come Holy Spirit, and I could feel the peace of God that swept all over me when the next breeze sent a shiver throughout my whole body.

Despite my lack of sleep for the past weeks and sore eyes i got from sleeping with the ceiling light turned on the whole night, I was captured in an endless, unexplainable feeling.

I sat still for a few minutes to register the beauty of semi man-made scenery of buildings and constructions.

The time—I held it still with me.


Wednesday marks the mid :)

Another day has passed routinely, but towards the end of it, I was gently reminded that Sunday will be here anytime soon.

- - - - -

Lunch service was quite a different one today–it was busy and calm at the same time. L was having problem with his stomach, so he went home before the lunch started, leaving the garde manger station vacant for any one of us to occupy. K was running both side, SN was helping them along over at the hot side, and I mainly stayed at the pastry contour until help is needed.

With orders printing in at a steady speed, the kitchen soon bustled with an orchestra of pans and tongs and "two breads please!"

I breezed through almost throughout the whole service, with just few hiccups along the way. Despite the chaos, the whole kitchen was almost silent, or I should say peaceful, in a way that I have never felt before.

Today's portion of chocolate tart went all out, something that made me really happy. I loved seeing each slice went through the counter and made its way to the anticipating guest. Sigh. What a bliss!

The after-rain night sky

TP dropped by kitchen with SM just now. I was so sure I heard TP calling out order from behind me, but it didn't register to me that he was there. Turned out that both of the had just had dinner with CE, on the occassion that it was her birthday two days ago.

I was really surprised and excited at the sight of TP! It feels like weeks since I last seen him, despite the fact that it was only last Friday when I last worked with him.

His transfer to an outlet production kitchen was quite a sudden one–two days before the last working day of last week, and SN was to replace TP.

I have to admit that I was feeling a bit crushed upon hearing that, because I've been really enjoying working with him in the kitchen, not to forget the endless jokes and nonsense talks. Furthermore, by then I had only met SN thrice–once during a demo, twice during the F1 food tasting, and I thought that he was kind of scary.

Worse, due to SN's inability to work on weekends, I have to cover the dinner shift on Saturday, which means that now for the time being, I'm not able to attend YRC anymore.

I got quite disheartened for the past few days.

Today would be the second day I've worked with SN, and things didn't turn out so bad after all! He might be different in many ways than TP, but I have to say that I am really glad to have this chance to work with him for a short period of time.

Take for an example, today he taught me something about not getting too panicky at work, even if the situation is really out of control. What if next time you have staffs under you that need your lead, he said, they will be confused if you are already in the chaotic state.

It is my talent to switch from calm mode to extreme chaotic panic in just a snap of the fingers. I've tried to keep calm at times, but up till now, I still panic too quickly and when I do, my clumsiness increases. Not only that, there were still many things that he had talked to me about and I gradually start to see him from various angles.

Observing people is my past time. Har!

God is good.

I really enjoy my where I'm working now. I love the people whom I'm working with. I like the restaurant being not too far away from home.

5-days split shifts and a straight shift on the Saturday will never take away my joy!